Five worlds created. Five Worlds, each illuminated by its own sun. Each growing on the preceding destruction.
First Sun - the world was lit by the Sun of earth and soil. But the people of this world disrespected the gods and so brought punishment upon themselves. Jaguars feasted upon their flesh and all died, and their sun with them - known to be Nahui Ocelotl, in honor of the Jaguars.
Second Sun - The second world was lit by the Sun of air, inhabited by people lacking in wisdom and so the gods destroyed them with winds and their sun blew out. Because the name of the wind is ehecatl, it was lamented as Nahui Ehecatl
Third Sun - The Sun of Rain of Fire, Nahui Quiahuitl, glared down on the third world. These peoples did not sacrifice or show honor to the gods and the gods shook the world at them, destroying them by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Fourth Sun - The fourth world, Nahui Atl, illuminated by the Sun of water, found greed that was cleansed by a great flood.
Finally the "scabby" god Nanahuatzin sacrificed himself in fire to become the Fifth Sun himself. It is this world, the last Sun, with which we shall concern ourselves, and in which the remainder of this story happens

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